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Artist Profile


Aketoshi Tada

Executive Director of ATA Kikaku

President of Mirai Agency (formerly Leithree)

Yamanashi Ambassador

After studying architecture and computer graphics in Vancouver, Canada, Aketoshi Tada returned to Japan and established the architectural firm ATA Kikaku with his brother. He serves as the captain of the company's CG team. They have participated in numerous competitions such as the Autodesk Visualization Contest and the Lumion Contest, achieving awards in all of them. Tada is a V-Ray Certified Professional (VCP) and holds certifications in 3ds Max and Maya. Currently, hi is based at the digital art studio "MIRAI AGENCY Inc." located in the Kiyosato Highland of Yatsugatake. In addition to architectural visualization, Tada is active in media art, projection mapping, and, in recent years, unique initiatives addressing environmental issues through environmental digital art production.



Born in Tokyo

Graduated from Royal Oak College in Vancouver, Canada

After returning to Japan, established ATA Kikaku with his brother
year 2012

Established Digital Art Studio LEI THREE in the Yatsugatake Highlands



Autodesk Visualization Contest Grand Prize

Autodesk Visualization Contest: 4th place in the Architecture category and 9th place in the Product category

Autodesk Visualization Contest Jury Award by Toshiaki Furuya

Lumion Contest Double Winner

Lumion Contest Excellence Award

Activity history


June 8

Appeared as a VJ for "Moegi no Mura ROCK Re:birth Day"
June 9

"Opera Rusticana" Media Art Stage Production
June 28th - July 7th

A solo exhibition of Aketoshi Tada will be held at the "TOYOTA Kofu Bypass Oze Store"
July 29th - August 10th

"30th Kiyosato The Field Ballet" Entrance Energy Art Production
August 24th - August 25th

Original performance "Hyakkenryouran" Stage background video production
September 28th - October 31st

The projection mapping event "THE HAUNTED MUSEUM" held at the Hall of Halls of the Moegi-no-Mura Music Box Museum
October 19

Energy art at the "Himenomiya Couple Tree Goddess Festival"
November 9

Projection mapping to at the "Kiyosato Station C56 Make-up Project"

Media appearances


April 12

"Yamanashi Broadcasting Tetete TV!" Special program broadcast

June 28

Published in the Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun

June 29th

Published in the Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun

July 5th

Appeared on Yamanashi Broadcasting System's 65th Anniversary Special Program "Let's Connect"

September 10

Article published in CGWORLD vol. 254

September 24

Interview published in Yatsugatake Days vol.17

October 10

Feature article published in the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun"

October 20

Feature article published in the Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun

October 28

"Yamanashi Broadcasting Tetete TV!" Special program broadcast

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